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“inside” information on some of Canada’s most undervalued stocks — hidden gems about to generate mouth-watering profits.

     If you had been reading Investor’s Digest of Canada over the past year, you would have discovered these spectacular profit-making recommendations:

Portfolio for
the 21st Century

This portfolio, planned in detail by the Investment Planning Committee, is built to return strong investment profits well into the 21st century. The members of this committee are ranked among the world’s leading market advisers by the Hulbert organization and cited by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The National Post and many others. Don’t miss this portfolio. It’s FREE to thank you for taking a look at Investor’s Digest.


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    In January of 2010, readers of Investor’s Digest were alerted to a unique opportunity. A firm based in Montreal was starting to get in on infrastructure projects in emerging markets.

     But this was no engineering or construction firm. Garda World Security was bringing an array of planning, protection and other security services to government and private clients.

     In just under a year, the stock rose 705 per cent!

     This was no isolated scoop. Undervalued plays like this come up regularly in the pages of Investor’s Digest.

   As oil prices started to work their way back up, Investor’s Digest readers got the inside story on a Canadian firm with three properties in the North Sea, Ithaca Energy. It was on the verge of seeing its share price soar 496 per cent in just under a year.

    Before the market — and Canadian commodities — had begun to recover, Investor’s Digest readers were getting insights they couldn’t find anywhere else.

    Well before the price of gold reached record heights, several little-known firms that were in line to benefit were highlighted in Investor’s Digest. One of them was Rainy River Resources. Over the next year, it soared by an astonishing 472 per cent.

As early as January 2009, Investor’s Digest also told readers to keep an eye on Avion Gold, which had two big projects coming into production in West Africa. By the end of the year, the stock had risen by 407 per cent!

     All spectacular calls, I’m sure you’ll agree. Yet they were just the start of the high-scoring recommendations that appeared in Investor’s Digest of Canada ... all within a few months.

Sizzling Small
Cap Stocks

Several of our experts on the Investment Planning Committee pick the small cap stocks they think are destined to be real "shining stars" on the market in the months ahead. This remarkable report contains a basketful of specific advice, recommendations and predictions to help you profit handsomely from fast-moving small cap stocks. It’s yours FREE as a thank you for trying an introductory on-line subscription to Investor’s Digest of Canada.


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Six commodity stocks returned over 200 per cent!

     Between December 2008 and February 2010, the experts who write for Investor’s Digest told readers about six more commodity stocks that returned better than 200 per cent over the next year one of them more than 340 per cent!

     None of these firms were headline makers in the major business media last year, but all were revealed to Investor’s Digest readers before the commodity boom hit its peak.

     There were more hidden gems. A Digest report informed readers about an exploration firm with three growing properties in Alberta. In less than 12 months the share price rose over 385 per cent!

     Alerts were issued on two more little-known resource firms, one in drilling, one in gold. Within a year both rose over 200 per cent.

     This is just a taste of the inside, profit-making advice that appears in every issue of Investor’s Digest of Canada. Now you can try it for yourself at a very low cost and with no risk whatsoever.

Four FREE reports — and a very special extra bonus

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All-Star Opportunities

The hottest stock picks from the hottest analysts in Canada. These are the “All-Stars,” the people who move markets. In this special report they share with you their best selections of stocks to buy now! YOURS FREE when you try a no-risk introductory on-line subscription to Investor’s Digest.


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“Portfolio for the 21st Century” brings you a diversified portfolio of stocks selected by the Committee to return strong profits in the months and years ahead. Not only has the Committee spread their stocks around economic sectors and countries, they have assembled this portfolio to suit Canadian investors of all kinds, be they conservative or aggressive.

“Sizzling Small Cap Stocks” gives you a “Baker’s Dozen” of small cap stocks from the Investment Planning Committee that are poised for stunning growth. This special report also contains a gold mine of information to help you profit from small caps.

“All-Star Opportunities ” reveals the hottest stock picks from the hottest analysts in Canada. These are the “All-Stars,” the people who have the ability to move markets. In this special report, they share with you their best selections of stocks to buy now.

“Here Comes Outrageous Good Fortune” tells you, in-depth, which Canadian stocks will prosper in the years ahead and why. More importantly, the Committee has chosen these stocks to let you sleep comfortably as your portfolio grows.

     AND THAT’S NOT ALL! You get one more exceptional bonus — a 3-issue guest e-subscription to the bi-weekly Canadian Mutual Fund Adviser, Canada’s leading mutual fund newsletter.

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The Investment Planning Committee
Serving Canadian investors since1941!

Canadian investors have been profiting from the advice of the Investment Planning Committee for over 70 years. The faces on the Committee have changed over that time, but their unbroken record of success has not.

The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Globe & Mail and the National Post are among the giants of the business media who have extolled their stock-picking record. That record is nothing less than remarkable: Their recommendations have outperformed every equity mutual fund in Canada and the Toronto Stock Exchange over 15 years! That performance is based on figures released by the leading independent advisory measurement service, the Hulbert Financial Digest.

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Time-tested advice from an independent source

     Where does the remarkable advice that Digest readers enjoy come from? It comes from an approach to investing developed under the watchful guidance of Canada’s top independent investment professionals — the Investment Planning Committee.

     The Committee has been offering sound financial advice to individual Canadian investors for many years — since 1941, in fact. Faces have changed over the years, but the Committee still meets regularly.

Here Comes Outrageous Good Fortune

An incisive report that details which Canadian industries will prosper in the years ahead and why. It’s also yours FREE as our thank you just for taking a look at the remarkable Investor’s Digest of Canada!


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     Even though many Canadians still don’t know them, the renowned Wall Street Journal sure does. In 1987, during the worst stock market crash in recent history, the stock portfolios the Committee recommended actually made money. That got the Journal’s attention, and that of many other giants of the business media.

     Subsequently, the Investment Planning Committee has been lauded for outperforming every Canadian equity mutual fund and the Toronto Stock Exchange over the past 15 years.

     The stock-picking reputation of the Committee is more than just a series of testimonials from the happy investors who follow its advice.

     It’s a matter of public record. In Annandale, Virginia, the Hulbert Financial Digest carefully measures the performance of investment advice and advisories from around the world. Hulbert, a division of the respected CBS MarketWatch, is the "Consumer Reports" of the investment advisory community.

     Year after year, without fail, the Investment Planning Committee’s stock recommendations appear on the leaderboard of Hulbert’s list of stellar performers. This is no popularity contest. The Committee makes the grade based entirely on cold, hard figures.

     With this kind of track record, is it any wonder that Investor’s Digest of Canada is able to turn up so many remarkable stock recommendations?

     No serious Canadian investor should be without this kind of proven, profit-making advice. Thousands of investors get the Investment Planning Committee’s insights twice every month in Investor’s Digest of Canada.

     This is clear, specific advice that leaves you in no doubt. And it comes to you from the most trusted source in Canada.

The World’s Best Investment Advisory

Investor’s Digest of Canada has been named “The World’s Best Investment Advisory” by the leading independent international publishers’ foundation — not once, not twice, but five times.

This is no small achievement. Each time, the Digest was pitted against the finest investment newsletters from around the globe, many of them household names. To have won five times is very gratifying to the people who put the publication together, of course.

But what makes these awards really meaningful is that they are based on pure performance. The Digest does not depend on flash and hype, but on solid, reliable information and advice presented to you in a straightforward, no-nonsense format.

That’s what’s most gratifying to Investor’s Digest subscribers: that these awards have been earned solely by means of solid, profit-making advice.

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“Must reading” for serious investors

     Investor’s Digest of Canada has become “must reading” for serious, profit-minded investors across the country.

Money Reporter

This independent advisory provides complete coverage of Canada’s ever-growing number of mutual funds. The Money Reporter makes specific, unbiased buy and sell recommendations that mutual fund investors can act on. An annual subscription is normally $237.00 a year. But you get it FREE for the next three issues simply as a "thank you" for trying a no-risk introductory trial on-line subscription to Investor’s Digest of Canada.


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     The reason is quite simple: it’s a serious publication, devoted to uncovering profitable opportunities in every area of investing, using the insights of Canada’s leading investment professionals.

     Every issue is packed with specific “buy-sell-hold” advice on stocks from our “Investment All-Stars.” But the Digest covers a great deal more as well.

     You get advice that helps you improve every corner of your investment portfolio. Canada’s foremost experts help you build your RRSP, select the most profitable mutual funds and uncover the most valuable income investments.

     You get the reasons behind the advice, too. Brokerage reports are digested into clear, everyday English. Editors chop away the impenetrable investment jargon. You get all red meat and no fat.

     Whether you want conservative blue chip stocks for reliable, safe gains or advice on small caps that can double overnight, you’ll find it all in Investor’s Digest. You are always informed and always up to date.

     Don’t be left on the outside. You can get in on the action that is helping others profit.

     What’s more, you can do all of this without any risk.

Our “Good-As-Gold Money-Back Guarantee”

     When you take a low-priced introductory trial on-line subscription to Investor’s Digest, you are fully protected by our “Good-as-Gold Money-Back Guarantee.”

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     You’ve nothing to lose but much to gain by giving Investor’s Digest a try.

Award-winning advice from the people who move markets

EmbryOne of Canada’s most prominent “gold bugs,” John Embry manages the Sprott Gold & Precious Metals Fund. He brings Investor’s Digest readers a unique and fascinating perspective on the precious metals market.

Keith RichardsKeith Richards is a seasoned portfolio manager and expert technical analyst. He brings readers into the inside workings of his investment team as they scan the markets ahead and come up with profitable solutions for their portfolios.

Mike KachanovskyMike Kachanovsky alerts Investor's Digest readers to the best buys in metals and mining. Under the name "Mexico Mike" he also has a strong online following among investors looking for the most promising opportunities in precious metals.

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Buy-sell recommendations from Canada’s top analysts

     NOW ... let me tell you exactly what you get in every issue of Investor’s Digest:


In every issue you get specific “buy-sell-hold” advice from the best and brightest investment analysts in Canada. Before you buy any stock, bond or commodity, you really should check with Digest experts to make sure you build a portfolio of growing profits.



PLUS ... every two issues you get our “Morning Call” section. You see at a glance the consensus “buy-sell-hold” recommendations from analysts across Canada and their consensus earnings estimates. Plus, you also get the “Strongest Recommendations of the Month.” This information is not available anywhere else.



AND PLUS ... you get our exclusive “Income Trust Insider” section, complete with information, analysis and updates as well as our “Best Buys of the Month.” You get this in every second issue of Investor’s Digest of Canada. It’s like getting two valuable publications for the price of one!



PLUS AS WELL ... you learn about new issues and undervalued equities. Stocks, large or small, that are undervalued by others offer exciting profit potential. Investor’s Digest frequently uncovers these undervalued, gem-like plays.



PLUS ALSO ... you get digests of leading investment advisory newsletters from across Canada and around the world. Many of these newsletters charge hundreds of dollars for their services. You get their advice for mere pennies in every issue of Investor’s Digest.



You get complete coverage of stocks that offer Dividend Re-Investment Plans. You don’t often hear about DRIPs because they’re virtually fee-free, but we give you information about every DRIP in Canada and the U.S. and how you can get started.



Investor’s Digest also brings you interviews with Canada’s savviest fund managers. These are pros who trade billions of dollars. As a subscriber to Investor’s Digest, you get their advice about what to buy and what to sell.



All of this is on-line in an easy-to-read  format. You get access to the most recent issue of the Investor’s Digest plus archived issues all on-line! And it’s all indexed. Everything is at your fingertips. It’s a virtual encyclopedia of “buy-sell-hold” advice on hundreds of Canadian stocks, bonds, precious metals and ... much more.

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